Friday, January 17, 2014

Lists With Friends 2014!

Welcome to my first list (and post) in a very, very, very long time. I had to get a lovely rescue email just to get in here, y'all. :) 

Moving on: 

Currently ...

1. Thinking--about my 2014 OLW "LESS" (more on that next list!)
2. Enjoying--the weather. Sorry, E! We're just not that into snow, as is the rest of the South.
3. Feeling--overwhelmed most days so I just smile, just like Buddy. :D
4. Wearing--ratty sweatpants and a super soft favorite tee. Keeping it real here, y'all!
5. Needing--to make a "quick" trip to Target. Hahahaha. 
6. Wanting--to simplify. 
7. Listening--to the VERY LOUD humming coming from the dishwasher. Earplugs, anyone? 
8. Making--a list for the next LWF. 
9. Eating--leftover chicken pillows. Recipe from Becky Higgins. Holy Yum. 
10. Drinking--Dr Pepper. Should really be water, but, alas. 

'Till next time, my friends. 

ETA: Here's the current recipe we use. Sorry, Becky!
Chicken Pillows 


Nicole Russell Willis said...

Ohh! Chicken pillow and Dr Pepper! Sounds great!! :)

suzanne b. said...

I am googling "Chicken pillows" even as we speak! :) This is a fun list, Stephanie.

Katy said...

You always make me smile. :)

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I want to do one of these "current" lists! Need to add it to my lists, list :)
And oh Dr. Pepper is my weakness. One a week I allow myself and I enjoy every bit of it!
The whole overwhelmed thing, I get that, too. On a daily basis!

nadine said...

I don't know that I've ever made a "quick" shopping trip in my life.

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